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Villagers fear that a Wildwood magistrate will approve apartments in their backyard.

The approximately 20 acre Munz Farm Parcel is located behind the Village of Tamarind Grove and the Village of Buttonwood. The property is located on the east side of County Road 462, 0.63 miles north of County Road 466A and is owned by Veronica Munz. She is represented by EDA Consultants Inc. and is looking to rezone the property to allow for multi-family units, including apartments and condominiums.

A hearing is scheduled for a special magistrate at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, October 5 at Wildwood Town Hall.

This map shows the location of the Munz property which backs onto the village of Tamarind Grove and the village of Buttonwood.

Villagers are unhappy at the prospect of losing peaceful pastures to apartments.

“We live in a beautiful community adjacent to beautiful farmland,” said Wayne Gaurino, who lives at 2405 Bachman Path in the village of Tamarind Grove, a property adjoining the Munz property.

He calls for a “compromise” which would see the accommodation more like that of the Villages.

His wife, Theresa Racioppo, said multi-family housing directly behind The Villages would significantly reduce the level of security for the elderly population.

“The elderly are often seen as potential ‘victims’ of burglaries and robberies,” she said. “It will be very easy to walk into the courtyards without being noticed.

Their Bachman Path neighbor, Barbara Burgio, has other concerns.

“Among these unwanted changes are increased light pollution, noise and potential ‘fishbowl’ effects resulting from taller buildings nearby,” Burgio said.

Other residents have expressed concerns about declining property values ​​and the loss of majestic oak trees.

Jane Petrigno, also of Bachman Path, said her sales rep at The Villages never broached the subject when she bought her house.

“I was not told this was a possibility when purchasing the property,” she said.