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While there are certainly nice apartments out there, the vast majority of apartments are, in themselves, quite visually boring. White walls; vinyl floor; dilapidated light fixtures; It’s nothing to write home about.

As such, if you want your apartment to have visual appeal, you need to decorate it strategically. But how to decorate an apartment well?

There are a number of apartment decorating ideas to implement. We will discuss this below.

Use rugs

You can’t exactly replace the flooring in your apartment. But what if you don’t like the way it looks? What can you do to change its aesthetic?

One option is to use rugs. If you want, you can cover your entire floor with rugs. This would indeed make your floor look completely different.

That said, we don’t recommend covering the entire floor. Instead, we recommend using rugs as a way to provide visual accents. In other words, we recommend that you use rugs sparingly in given areas in order to create an eye-catching but tasteful look.

For example, you can put rugs on both sides of each door. You can put a rug in the middle of each room. You can even drape a long rug over the stairs (if your apartment has one).

There are all kinds of rugs out there, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. So see what you can find and incorporate it into the overall decor of your apartment.

Store, not through

If your apartment looks like a lot of people apartments, it doesn’t have a lot of space. Still, you have tons of stuff to store, and it needs to be put somewhere.

Now what should you do to make the most of the space? The key is to store instead of crossing. By storing, you benefit from a space that would otherwise not be used; if you were to store through, you would needlessly take up space that could be used.

So instead of going for those horizontally long cabinet pieces, go for these vertically tall shelves. The shelves will provide storage up to the ceiling; the pieces of furniture will only take up space on the floor.

There are several ways to vertical storage institute. In addition to using shelves, you can hang things on hooks, glue them to magnets, attach them to loops, etc.

There is no shortage of vertical storage entities. So, browse through what is available to you and see what will suit the interior of your apartment best. These features will benefit not only the functionality of your apartment but also the aesthetics.

Incorporate plants

Are you looking for a way to bring your apartment to life? If so, you should consider incorporating plants. Plants are literally alive and will bring a feeling of dynamism to your home.

There are all kinds of plants you can incorporate, from small potted plants and small trees to hanging plants and more. You can place these plants in the corners of your rooms, on mantels, in window sills and elsewhere.

The characteristic green colors of plants bring great aesthetic variety to a room. They can transform a bland, gray apartment into a unique and striking apartment.

Hang drapes or curtains

Your building probably has blinds on the windows. These are fine in a functional sense. However, they almost certainly lack aesthetics.

As such, instead of settling for bland blinds, you should pair them with a set of curtains or drapes. Curtains and drapes not only spice up the overall look of a room, but also help it appear taller and grander.

And because curtains and drapes come in so many styles, there are all kinds of designs you can facilitate. Whether you are looking for a cool and sophisticated appearance or a unique and original appearance, your curtains / drapes can help make it a reality.

There are also functional advantages to using curtains and drapes. Namely, they will block out the sun, providing the utmost comfort and relaxation.

Paint your belongings

You do not own your apartment. However, you own the assets there. So, if you want to give your apartment a unique look, you should use these assets to your advantage; ie, you should consider painting these goods.

Think about it: a blue table looks better than a solid wooden table. A red chair will bring more character to a room than a neutral beige chair.

You can’t paint your walls or ceilings, so you have to paint something else. Your furniture and other possessions are just “something else”.

Just be sure to use proper painting methods. If you don’t paint your furniture the right way, it could look worse than it did before it was painted. Do your due diligence before you start.

Save money

Another of the many apartment ideas is to save money. You would be surprised at what you can find in a thrift store. Not only could you find furniture of reasonable quality, but also a bunch of quirky knick-knacks.

And, of course, the best part is that it’s cheap. You can come home with a set of cool apartment decorations for under $ 20.

Whether it’s an interesting album cover you hang on your wall, an old piece of jewelry that looks great on your fireplace mantel, or a frog ornament that looks great on your windowsill, you can find some great shopping at your local thrift store. .

Be creative with light

Unless we’re talking about luxury apartments, apartments tend to have boring and bland lighting. Sure, it gets the job done, but it doesn’t create any sort of visual appeal.

Fortunately, this is something that you, the tenant, can change. There are all kinds of lighting ideas that you can implement to give your apartment a heightened atmosphere and ambiance.

For example, you might consider hanging fairy lights from hooks on your ceilings. Or, you might consider placing floor lamps under your bed or sofa. You can also use lamps to complement the lighting, making your apartment as bright and well-lit as possible.

The options are essentially endless here. You just have to browse through the different types of lighting available to you and then be creative with them. You would be shocked at the influence that lighting can have.

Using mirrors

If you live in a relatively small apartment, you might want to make it look bigger. No, you can’t literally add square footage to your apartment. However, there are a number of things you can do to help expand the breadth of its atmosphere.

One of these methods is to use mirrors. Mount mirrors on the walls in different rooms of your apartment. These mirrors will reflect light and create ambiance, making your apartment bigger and bigger.

Show your personality

The problem with your apartment is that it belongs to you (at least temporarily). As such, it should represent who you are as a person. It must show your personality.

You don’t need to hang indoor plants. You don’t need to put up inspirational posters on the walls. These things can be very effective in decorating an apartment, but they shouldn’t be used to the detriment of the things and styles that you love.

A big fan of some professional sports team? Don’t be afraid to carry these keepsakes.

Do you like Star Wars? There is nothing wrong with displaying a poster of Luke and Leia.

In fact, these are the elements that make the decor of an apartment unique. They indicate who the resident is as a person and paint an accurate picture of those who enter the residence.

So, don’t get too hung up on what’s hot and trendy right now. There are all types of apartments, and yours does not need to adhere to strict standards. In the end, the best apartments are the unique ones.

Basically, you should use these tips as a guideline, but not as a rule. Your preferences should come first.

Decorating an apartment is representing yourself

Ultimately, decorating an apartment is about being creative. Think outside the box, incorporate ideas you like and you are sure to have an apartment that matches your personality.

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