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With their property in danger insurance, residents of a Sweetwater condominium called NBC 6 Responds for help.

Overgrown trees interfered with a power line near the El Polo condominium and threatened to damage property.

Aida Estevez, president of the Condo Association, said she received a letter from the condo insurance provider regarding the trees.

“We have a letter from the insurance company saying an inspector came to the site and saw the trees … and it was damaging the property,” Estevez said.

The letter stated that the trees posed a risk to the property and had to be cut or the condo would lose its insurance.

“They informed me that I should contact the city to cut down the trees,” Estevez said.

She said she called the city since the trees were on a public street.

“We called everyone, we even went into town in person and they just gave me a phone number for maintenance,” Estevez said.

She said she was told that only Florida Power & Light technicians could cut trees since they hit the power line. She said she and others called FPL.

“We need to make sure these trees are free and protected from power lines to make sure they don’t get knocked down during a storm,” Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez said, adding that the city had also reported the problem to FPL.

According to emails provided by the city, the city contacted FPL on August 26.e but by the end of September, no one had cut the trees.

It was then that Aida contacted NBC 6 Responds and we contacted FPL directly. Aida says the day after we contacted FPL, a team came to cut down the trees.

“We were pleasantly surprised that the tree was cut from FPL,” Estevez said.

A spokesperson for FPL told NBC 6 in an email:

“FPL cut trees near the El Polo condominium on Tuesday to ensure they are safely away from overhead power lines along SW 109e Street. The trees are on a public right-of-way and FPL has discussed with the city’s public works department the need for the city to coordinate with the condominium for any future pruning or removal of the trees.

Mayor Lopez wants other residents to be on the lookout for similar issues.

“Report it, tell your neighbor to report it, the more complaints they have on the same ticket, the faster it’s going to be done,” Lopez said.

After FPL cut off the part that touched the power line, the town of Sweetwater cut down the rest of the trees to fix the problem.

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