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Residents of Collier County are devastated by plans to build an apartment complex and shopping mall near them. They say they moved to Golden Gate Estates to escape the traffic, but the addition of this new complex will lead to traffic jams and accidents.

Some believe the Collier County Commissioners put money before the wishes of residents.

If you drive on Immokalee Road in Collier County, you might be missing out on something. Chad Everett has started a petition against the proposed apartment complex. “Here in the local community, none of us knew about this apartment complex,” Everett said.

If you look closely, there is a sign indicating the apartments on offer. Chad created repetition in opposition to the apartment complex being built. 900 people have already signed it.

“Politicians don’t think about people,” Everett said. Instead, Everett believes, they think about the money.

Collier County Commissioners are set to approve an apartment complex of more than 400 units at the intersection of Immokalee Road and Randall Boulevard.

William McDaniel is the Collier County Commissioner representing District Five. “It’s crowded. There’s no argument, ”McDaniel said.

Commissioner McDaniel already knows that there is a lot of traffic near this intersection. However, he says Collier County cannot legally prevent an owner from using land just because the area is congested.

“Next year, in the spring, I will be presenting the budget initiatives needed to move Vanderbilt to Everglades Blvd,” McDaniel said. “Which would disperse a huge amount of traffic that is now coming from Immokalee and Ava Maria and Orange Blossom.”

Yet those who already live and / or work in the area are wondering what this might mean for them. Even if they’re just crossing over, what could a new development mean?

“What about the local community, anything about us? What would we like there? Everett said.

The Collier County Council of Commissioners is expected to discuss and possibly vote on the Golden Gate Estates plan at its next meeting on October 26.

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