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Do not disrupt the work of the Florida House

Your award-winning newspaper’s growing efforts to highlight Sarasota County’s growing conservation priorities is truly commendable.

Equally commendable are the philanthropists like Elizabeth Moore who are pushing for the renewal of Southface Sarasota’s lease on the Florida House..

Interrupting the decades of educational research activities and conservation events of this ingenious facility would be counterproductive and unwarranted. As a former trustee of the Lemur Conservation Foundation, I stress the importance of momentum for big environmental companies (“The county is working on a deal with the local builders’ association to sell them the Florida House” , April 26).

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Because the Florida House exemplifies the best in “sustainable living” and “green building practices,” it remains a model that conscientious citizens applaud.

Once again, it is in tribute to the distinction of your newspaper that you reiterate the value of innovative brands like Florida House.

Mack Goode, Sarasota

Mathematics: ways to answer many questions

I enjoyed James Stewart’s guest column, “Mathematics Textbooks Should Do More Than Just Give Numbers.”

He might have said, “Mathematics is the fundamental science of a serious education and provides the means to answer many questions.

Applied math is when math is applied to areas such as: physics, engineering, medicine, biology, finance/business, social sciences, industrial applications and more.

This means knowing how to apply specialized mathematical skills and get contextual answers!

It would be detrimental to the education of our children to suppress “real world” examples of specialized applied mathematics. I’m talking specifically about examples from the social sciences that can be used to find out if racial discrimination has happened – past or present.

Some applied math is not intended for elementary school students; they are not ready for it and need fundamental courses first. Some are not ready for the truths of social injustice revealed by math.

But using such examples in high school math lessons can serve two purposes: true history and math skills.

Florida lawmakers could also use some of these courses, so they can recognize when the social sciences reveal findings that are far from just for society!

Sandra J. Gander, Bradenton

Hundreds of local children need foster care

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – baseball season! Do you remember wearing your team’s gear, crammed into a crowded stadium, singing along? “Take me to the ball game, take me with the crowd!”

Now imagine Cool Today Stadium or LECOM Park filled with adoring fans. Now replace those fans with adoptive children. Then fill this stage three more times. That’s the number of children in foster care in Florida – 22,000.

This is a call to action! Hundreds of children in our community need a loving foster home. We need our community to be the difference, to be the change we need, to be the foster parent they are called to be.

And maybe when you become a foster parent and give a child a loving home, wouldn’t it be great to go to a baseball game too?

Anyone interested in learning more about the foster parent experience can find answers at or by visiting our Facebook page, National Youth Advocate Program – Sarasota.

Kelly Garrett, Treatment Coordinator, National Youth Advocacy Program, Lakewood Ranch

Governor hits back at Disney

In response to “Progressives Are Hypocrites In Defending Disney,” Jake Hoffman’s April 25 opinion column on DeSantis Derangement Syndrome:

We all understand that corporations get special privileges and tax breaks for coming to our particular state, or any state. The Supreme Court has even said that companies should be treated as people.

No one seemed to have had a problem with Disney’s Special Neighborhood, or even heard of Reedy Creek, for 55 years until Disney declared its opposition to the so-called Don’t Say Gay Bill.

Whether you lean left or right, or are in the middle, it’s obvious the feud is retribution for defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ bill.

This story is about a Republican governor and a legislature that make all the rules. Not a day goes by without a new law restricting our rights or opinions.

Carole Kujala-Russ, Sarasota

Canceling student loans makes no difference

If student loans are cancelled, these unpaid loans will be added to the national debt. The national debt will never be repaid or even slightly reduced.

So, in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

Some people think that the cancellation of these loans is unfair. I have a long list of things that aren’t right, and it doesn’t even make it to the bottom of my second page.

Bruce Petrie, Sarasota