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Local character lost

As Micanopy and Alachua County begin the next fight against Dollar General, who wants to place himself undesirable on Tuscawilla Road, I hope every citizen takes this opportunity to watch Gainesville as it stands now, and see what is happening. is lost right in front of us.

Gainesville is a city like no other, and its character is stripped down by corporate hotels, businesses and student accommodation.

There are currently opportunities to prevent Micanopy, Gainesville and the rest of Alachua County from being turned over to companies run by CEOs who have no stake in the community, but to do that we need citizens. keen to play an active role. by stopping what is happening.

Developments are rushed to take advantage of the housing boom, and the cost is the very culture and nature that Alachua County is proud of.

I urge the citizens of Micanopy, Gainesville and Alachua to consider the ramifications of inviting the convenience of business over the comfort of the community. Please be careful what you invite.

Margaret Rose Delisle, Micanopy

NIMBYism must be stopped

A smart architect should develop a master plan for an inexpensive way to build a 40-story apartment building – say, 10 small apartments on each floor. It would be 400 hundred apartments. They don’t have to be cheap or tiny, but as nice as it can be at the lowest cost.

Then get rid of NIMBYism and stop the restrictions on multi-story buildings. Once the building design has been decided, all local restrictions of any kind should be removed.

Then every city and town in America should build at least one, identical to the low-cost model, with perhaps cosmetic differences. Southern California is expected to build 100.

These images of Romania under the Soviet Union may seem bland, rows and rows of identical apartment buildings, but they were practical.

Chicago, among others, tried unsuccessfully and ended up demolishing the buildings, but with careful planning it should be tried again.

Homelessness in America is a national embarrassment and is caused by a lack of available housing. NIMBYism must be stopped.

Duane Colwell, Keystone Heights

Reject the PRO law

When my kids get sick, need transported to a birthday party, or ask for help with a school project, I need to be there for them. As a single mom with two young children, I need to be flexible, which is why I chose to shop with Instacart. Shopping gives me the opportunity to be there for my children when they need me while also giving me the opportunity to earn some extra money.

This could all change if the Senate passes the PRO law. This bill would reclassify many independent contractors, who rely on flexibility, as employees and thus end up with fixed hours. As someone who has to tailor my schedule to the needs of my children, I don’t know what I would do if our leaders in Washington decided to take this freedom away from me.

The PRO Act could take away the flexibility that many Florida workers depend on, but luckily Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio are standing by independent contractors and refusing to sign this bill. I thank them for their support and urge them to continue working with their colleagues to reject the PRO law.

Ruthie Uriarte, Instacart pilot, Gainesville

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