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If you fancy a view of the sea – the waves crashing on the pristine white sand, the palm trees rustling in the breeze… – in most places you’ll pay for it, often over a million dollars. But it doesn’t have to be that way: there are beachfront condominiums where you can buy apartments for $250,000 or less, and, with mortgage rates still near all-time lows, that’s maybe it’s time to think about it. Note: Beachfront properties may incur other high costs, such as insurance premiums. Here are five places to consider.

For fun seekers: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is once again in transition.

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Atlantic City is currently going through one of many transitions that have characterized its history since its inception as a health resort in the mid-19and century. About an hour’s drive from Philadelphia and two hours by car or 2.5 hours by train from New York City, and located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, this city offers plenty of options for gambling, dining, and shopping. night life. Currently, you can find a one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo for sale on the Historic Boardwalk for around $200,000, and some two-bedroom apartments are priced under $250,000. Atlantic City is still affordable, in part due to relatively high crime rates and an ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy. However, it has four miles of beachfront promenade, as well as nine casinos that attract top talent including Beyoncé and Bob Dylan, and celebrity chef restaurants including Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsey.

For the Golfer: Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach by the sea.

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The center of the area known as the Grand Strand, which is a 60-mile stretch of beaches along South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, Myrtle Beach has many attractions, including a boardwalk and the SkyWheel, the one of the tallest wheels on the East Coast. But perhaps the area’s biggest draw is the golf courses – the area has around 90 of them, some designed by golfing greats Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Greg Norman. While beachfront real estate in luxury buildings can cost upwards of $1 million per unit and single-family homes up to $2 million, there are still plenty of beautiful and affordable beachfront condominium units available. sea ​​to seize for less than 250,000 dollars. Some of these properties are located in resorts with restaurants and indoor/outdoor pool complexes. Added bonus: Myrtle Beach has excellent seafood and barbecue restaurants, including the Hook & Barrel, a restaurant dedicated to serving sustainable food and local produce, as well as numerous bars.

If you like diving and fishing: Panama City Beach, Florida

The namesake of Panama City Beach.

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Known for being home to some of the most beautiful beachfronts in the world due to its sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. With its 27 miles of white sand beaches, as well as more than 50 artificial coral reefs made from industrial and maritime waste to promote the marine ecosystem, the city is ideal for people who like to spend time snorkeling and snorkeling. to fish. Gulf-facing studios and one-bedroom apartments are available for less than $250,000, often in buildings with swimming pools. Spend your days swimming with dolphins at Water Planet and your nights enjoying fresh seafood in swimwear at Barefoot on the Beach, a casual waterfront seafood restaurant.

For Outdoor Lovers: Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean City State Park on the waterfront.

Washington State Parks

Much of the US West Coast is unaffordable if you’re looking to get any type of space for under $250,000, even a small apartment. Affordable places are almost all in the north, where the weather is mild but cool in winter. Ocean Shores is a small coastal town at the mouth of Grays Harbor and about 130 miles west of Seattle. Located just north of sister city Westport, Ocean Shores is surrounded by national wildlife preserves, including Ocean City State Park, a haven for migratory birds. By the late 1960s, Ocean Shores was known as “America’s Richest Small Town” due to investor speculation and the influx of Hollywood celebrities. It’s since become a quieter retreat with a handful of small beachfront condo units costing less than $250,000. Ocean Shores is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend their days hiking, bird watching and enjoying the occasional craft beer at Elk Head Brewing Co.

For someone looking for a lot to do: Galveston, Texas

Sunset in Galveston.

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Located on an island on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Galveston is full of unique attractions, including Moody Gardens, a complex comprising three gigantic glass pyramids housing exhibits dedicated to nature and science. The resort is also home to Palm Beach, a lazy river and wave pool adjacent to one of the Gulf Coast’s white sand beaches. Gulf-front condominium units vary widely in price, with deals to be had on smaller studios and one-bedroom spaces in larger resort-style communities. When you’re not in the water, resting by the gulf or strolling past the oleanders that bloom on the historic streets of Galveston, dine and drink at one of the Seawall’s many restaurants. , a lively avenue overlooking the Gulf. Indeed, Seawall Boulevard is over 10 miles long and 17 feet high – it’s the longest continuous sidewalk in the country – and features shops, restaurants and other attractions.