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Lee High Acres

A 19-year-old man arrested for burglary was involved in a police chase on the east coast in February this year.

When Isariel Delestre appeared in court on Thursday, his Miami-Dade County charges were raised.

Miami Beach Police Says In February, Derestre was a diver. This led the police to a barbaric pursuit. At that time, people were walking on the street.

According to police, he attempted to hit a policeman who was riding a motorcycle at the time, and eventually hit one of them. He then abandoned the car and drove a 15-year-old. People started running out of fear for their lives.

This week, Derestre arrested for trespassing at Lee High Acres. In this case, the investigator says he pointed his gun at the man while he was in the house. WINK News then learned that Derestre was there to buy marijuana.

At that time there was also a 5 year old boy.

With such serious charges against Derestre here and on the East Coast, some wonder if such a young man could be rehabilitated. WINK News put the question to an expert.

Wink asked mental health counselors and former law enforcement officials if young people with such extensive criminal records could change. They say it will be difficult, but if he wants it, it will not be impossible.

Dr. Laura Strayferer is a mental health counselor. “I want to believe that anyone can make changes if they are ready to work,” she said.

But at this point, mental work and rehabilitation are challenges for someone like Derestre. “When you have criminal behavior, especially violent criminal behavior, it is much more difficult, even when you are ready to work,” Streyffeler said.

David Thomas is a former law enforcement officer and forensic research professor. He’s already worked with tough kids like him. The results are generally not positive. “They were 14 to 15 years old, and by 18 almost everyone was in jail, and eventually one of them actually committed the murder, and he was put in jail,” says Thomas. paddy field.

Of course, these children have a different story than Derestre’s. So Dr. Thomas knows the model.

“I hate to say this, but in my experience, when I have been through this, I have worked with and arrested children between the ages of 18 and 19. And this story continues. Yes, it’s… it’s about to end, meaning they have to be put in jail, ”Thomas said.

He says there may be a way to prevent this from happening to the very young. But it starts with early intervention and showing parents what they need to help them.

Derestre is currently in custody at Lee County Jail and his bail is over $ 200,000.

19-year-old arrested for invading Lehi’s home in Miami Beach police chase in early 2021

Source link 19-year-old arrested for invading Lehi’s home in Miami Beach police chase in early 2021