Letter request profit-sharing insurance borrower

10 May

Recover a portion of the amounts paid to the insurance


According to the law and the general terms and conditions of loan insurance contracts, banks must pay to customers who have taken out a loan a portion of the profits received by borrower insurance related to the loan if the guarantees have not been triggered during the loan insurance period. repayment of the loan.

How to get some of the profits?

How to get some of the profits?

If you currently hold a loan, you can earn some of these benefits . To do this, you must contact your insurance company and your bank by sending them a registered letter (to the attention of the General Manager).

Borrowers’ Rights


You are entitled to recover these amounts because the risks covered by an insurance contract are in practice overvalued, which increases the amount of premiums you must pay. At the end of each year, you can compensate for this extra billing by making a ” profit participation request “. Thus, if all the premiums collected by the insurer exceeds the amount of all claims supported, you will receive a partial refund of the premiums you paid.

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Group action of borrowers

Group action of borrowers

It is recommended that you send a copy of your application to the mediator of these financial institutions and to the consumer, competition and anti-fraud directorates. It may, however, be difficult to achieve your individual approach. By attempting a group action, you will be more likely to receive the money you owe. Instead of being paid to subscribers, the profits made by insurers through borrower insurance are generally paid to the banks and credit institutions that distributed the insurance contracts. Banks ensure compliance with the law …

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